Volkswagen Foundation: International Research in Computational Social Sciences Program – International Cooperation of Postdoctoral Scholars 2016

International Research in Computational Social Sciences Program

This call addresses scholars who are either working in the thematic area of “Computational Social Sciences” or who wish to specialise within this field. The call invites proposals for scholarly events and research projects that address socially relevant problems and questions – in particular those questions that can now be explored either by using computer-aided methods or via access to new digital data sets, and that use a fresh perspective.

Another focus is on the development of theories and methods: Can, for example, existing theories and methods from the (quantitative) social sciences be utilised in the area of “Computational Social Sciences”? If so, how? Simultaneously, it is equally important to gain more fundamental knowledge about both the structure and form of existing data sets to assess their relevance for future research.

Related Schemes within this Program

International Cooperation of Postdoctoral Scholars

This scheme is directed at postdoctoral researchers who wish to strengthen (or develop) their thematic and methodological expertise. Candidates should have finished their PhD no more than three years ago.

Funding & Duration

Depending on the set-up of the team and the project’s duration, projects can be funded with up to €600,000 to €800,000 (approx. AUD $ 877,000 – $1.1M ). In exceptional cases, up to one €1M (approx AUD $1.4M) can be provided.

The budget can cover personnel as well as non-personnel expenses, as follows:

  • Personnel expenses for all postdoctoral researchers involved; for up to four years
  • Travel and accommodation costs (this may also include visits to and research stays at the respective partner institution)
  • Funds for the organisation of joint events
  • Consumables
  • Other non-recurring non-personnel expenses
  • Publication costs
  • Funds for technical support (e.g. programming of certain applications)


The involvement of a postdoctoral candidate based at a German institution is essential; this person needs to act as the main applicant of the project. Other partners can be registered as co-applicants.

A research team must include at least one social scientist. Depending on the problem and question to be explored, the team can also reflect a variety of disciplinary expertise (beyond the social sciences, too); the involvement of different disciplines (such as computer sciences, for instance) must be legitimised by the particular topic/research question.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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