Volkswagen Foundation: Mixed Methods in Humanities – Collaborative Hybrid Projects 2016

Mixed Methods in Humanities

Present-day research in the humanities and cultural studies is faced with a previously unimaginable body of research data from more or less heterogeneous sources, necessitating application of new computer-aided methods of knowledge acquisition. The aim of this funding scheme is to explore how such new procedures of digital humanities can be combined with “qualitative-hermeneutical” approaches, and to evaluate potential for “added value”. The call addresses projects that reach beyond mere collaboration on a specific research question and explore the interface between the two procedures on a theoretical-methodological level.

Related Schemes within this Program

Collaborative Hybrid Projects

The funding offer addresses “hybrid projects” which combine and synergise qualitative-hermeneutical and digital approaches in innovative joint research projects designed to make significant contributions to knowledge acquisition in the respective field.

Target Group

Post-docs and all following career-levels across all historical-hermeneutical disciplines (e.g. literature studies, history, philosophy, history of law and comparative law, art history, musicology) working in equitable cooperation with partners in the areas of digital humanities and/or informatics.

Funding & Duration

Funding can be made available in an amount up to € 450,000 (approx. AUD $655,000) over a three-year period. Projects may apply for funds to finance one post-doc position for each approach. Positions may also be shared (Ph.D. students, student researchers etc.). Moreover, projects may apply for additional funds to cover costs of software programming. Applicants are free to design their own project structure.


Funding will not be granted for:

  • Centers for digital humanities
  • Research infrastructure projects and virtual research environments
  • Projects in the digital humanities not oriented to the theoretical-methodological objective
  • Open-access publication concepts and digital editions
  • Visualization projects that mediate contents of the humanities/cultural studies.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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