Volkswagen Foundation: Mixed Methods in Humanities – Workshops & Summer Schools

Mixed Methods in Humanities

Present-day research in the humanities and cultural studies is faced with a previously unimaginable body of research data from more or less heterogeneous sources, necessitating application of new computer-aided methods of knowledge acquisition. The aim of this funding scheme is to explore how such new procedures of digital humanities can be combined with “qualitative-hermeneutical” approaches, and to evaluate potential for “added value”. The call addresses projects that reach beyond mere collaboration on a specific research question and explore the interface between the two procedures on a theoretical-methodological level.

Workshops & Summer Schools

Beside funds to implement cooperation projects, applications may also be submitted for the funding of workshops and summer schools with up to 60 participants. This scheme is open to all researchers in the historical-hermeneutical humanities, and it is not exclusive to grantees of the Collaborative Hybrid Projects. Funding may also be made available to fill the gender gap and support the training of female researchers in digital technology.


The budget may include travel and accommodation expenses, as well as (reasonable) costs of personnel required for the preparation and implementation of workshops.


The Foundation will not approve funding to cover:

  • flat-rate payment for preparation and organisation
  • speakers’ fees (although in exceptional cases funds may be allocated to defray expenses of speakers outside the realm of academia)
  • expenses for accompanying family members or other accompanying persons
  • costs of framework programs.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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