Australian Army: Army History Research Grants 2016

The Australian Army has instituted a Research Grants Scheme to support and encourage research into the role and involvement of the Army in the development of the nation.

Priority will be given to topics which improve the professional knowledge of the Australian Army, within the following areas of research: Military Strategy and Operations; Military Social History (war and society issues); and Military Heritage (aspects of militaria). The Military Strategy and Operations research area includes: command and leadership, doctrine development, logistics, strategy, operations, tactics, civil-military relations, intelligence, joint service issues, combat/battle experience and military biography. Emphasis should be placed on analysis of events, rather than narrative or description.

Funding & Duration

Grants are up to a maximum of $15,000 for one year. However, in order to support more research, grants of over $7,500 will usually only be granted in cases of special merit. Grants must be fully expended in the financial year commencing 1 July and finishing on 30 June.

The following items are usually considered eligible expenses: travel and accommodation; and research expenses (these may include: photocopying; postage; telephone; facsimile; the purchase of tapes and disks, and the transcription of tapes. Funds are not generally available for the purchase of books, journal subscriptions, or the purchase of equipment).


The scheme is open to both academic and non-institutional researchers.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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