Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR): General Request for Applications 2016

The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) is particularly interested in supporting projects that will lead to new treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with PWS.

Priority will be given to the following areas of research, although alternative areas of high scientific merit will also be considered:

  • Molecular basis of the PWS phenotype; molecular therapeutics
  • Regulation of appetite and energy homeostasis in individuals with PWS; development and evaluation of therapies to regulate appetite and satiety in PWS
  • Etiology of medical, behavioural and psychiatric complications in PWS; development and evaluation of therapeutic interventions
  • Understanding pyschopathalogy in PWS; development and evaluation of interventions

Funding & Duration

Applicants may request up to USD $100,000 (approx. AUD $142,000) in direct costs for the initial year of support, with the possibility of a second year of funding upon competitive renewal.


Principal Investigators must have a primary faculty appointment at the level of Instructor or higher. This grant program will be useful for junior faculty in the early stages of their careers, established investigators in other areas of research who wish to enter the field of PWS research, or investigators in the PWS field who are seeking funding to support pilot studies in a new area of PWS research.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

  • 1 March 2016 – Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted directly to Sponsor.
  • Copy of LOI forwarded to the Research Branch ASAP.
  • 22 April 2016 – full applications (by invitation only) submitted to the Research Branch for internal review.
  • Grants Officer: Dr Don McMaster
  • Email:

Further Information

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