Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation: Research Grants 2016

The Foundation funds grants to universities, research institutes, health services and other organisations in South Australia and the Northern Territory for research projects into conditions that may affect the health, education, and welfare of children.

Applications are sought from the fields of Allied Health, Education, Dentistry, Environment, Nursing, Social Sciences, Mental Health and Midwifery. Projects are assessed on the basis of research merit and relevance to the health, education or welfare of children. Applications for research grants can be received under one of three main categories:

  • Basic Science –  research to acquire or confirm new knowledge by testing a hypothesis using scientific methodology in a primary laboratory environment.
  • Clinical Studies – research conducted with human subjects or human material in which the investigator interacts directly with human subjects. Such research may include the mechanism of human disease, clinical trials, therapeutic intervention, the development of new technology and epidemiology.
  • Community-Based Studies – research based in a community setting, with the objective of providing the community with the tools and information necessary to enact change.

Early Career Grants

Early career grants are available for:

  • medical applicants who are undertaking a PhD or MD
  • non-medical applicants who have honours, masters or are undertaking a PhD
  • applicants with a PhD of no more than five years’ duration
  • applicants who have not been the Chief Investigator of a significant peer reviewed grant application in the past for organisations such as NHMRC, ARC, CRF, Cancer Council etc.

Funding & Duration

The 2017 Grant Funding Period begins on 1 January 2017 and ends on 31 December 2017, or, if the research is to be conducted over a 2 year period, on 31 December 2018.

The maximum funding per grant will be $75,000 (or $35,000 for Early Career researchers), irrespective of whether the research is completed over 1 year or 2 years.


Applications are sought from the fields of Allied Health, Dentistry, Education, Environment, Nursing, Mental Health, Midwifery and Social Sciences.

The Chief Investigator and Administering Institution MUST be located in South Australia or the Northern Territory. Research MUST be conducted in South Australia or the Northern Territory.

National and/or International collaboration may be allowed where special skills are not available in South Australia or the Northern Territory, in order to ensure the application attains the ‘world standard’.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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