Australian Pork Ltd: Ron Collins Memorial Travel Award 2016

This award has been designed to assist a person, involved in any aspect of the Australian pork industry, to travel overseas and further investigate a topic which is of benefit to the industry.

The topic to be further researched must be related to some aspect of the Australian pork industry including, but not limited to, production; waste management; education; processing; handling etc.


The total award is valued at up to $10,000.

The applicant must only use the funds provided for reimbursement of actual travel expenses.

The international travel is limited to a maximum of $6,000. Seventy per cent of the agreed funding will be paid before the travel is undertaken and 30% will be reimbursed to the awardee after completion of all obligations, including the report and presentations to agreed producer meetings. The balance of the award money ($4,000) will be used to fly domestically to meet with producer groups.


The application must be from an individual not a group.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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