Science and Industry Endowment Fund: STEM+ Business Fellowship Grant

The STEM+ Business Fellowship Program is an industrial research program which supports the collaboration of Early Career Research (ECR) Fellows, employed by Australian Universities or Research Organisations, with participating Australian Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to work on technical projects that improve the SME’s competitive advantage.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • build deep connection and collaboration between Universities/Research Organisations and SMEs that allow for knowledge flow between research and industry sectors
  • accelerate the adoption of new ideas and technologies by Australian SMEs
  • fast track solutions to increase the competitiveness of Australian SMEs
  • elevate the significance of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) disciplines as skills and capabilities central to industrial competitiveness
  • provide practical experience in industry for ECRs, thus creating and sustaining a cohort of researchers capable of addressing national challenges

STEM+ Business ECR Fellows work full-time for two to three years on a research project identified and led by the SME. The ECR Fellow is supported by the expertise of their employer University or Research Organisation.

Funding & Duration

Projects are funded for two to three years.

STEM+ Business research projects are to be co-funded by the SME and SIEF. In-kind contributions from the Universities or Research Organisations are encouraged.

The eligible project is to be costed by the University or Research Organisation based on agreed research outcomes required by the SME. Any in-kind contributions by the University or Research Organisation are to be deducted to determine the annual cost of research delivery to be shared by the SME and SIEF*. SIEF will dollar-match the SME cash contribution up to a maximum of $105,000 per annum.

Eligibility – Who can access STEM+ Business?

Australian SMEs which:

  • Have completed, or be in the process of completing, an AusIndustry Researcher-in-Business or Research Connections / Innovation Connections Grant project, OR
  • Have an annual turnover or operating expenditure between $1.0m and $100m in the current or two preceding financial years, AND
  • Has collaborated with a research organisation on a 1-1 basis for at least 5 months, with the company contributing at least $25k.

Research Fellows who:

  • Have completed a research higher degree (PhD or Masters) in STEM subjects or a bachelor’s degree in engineering with relevant research experience
  • Have no more than 6 year relevant experience

Application Documents

Applications are submitted on an ongoing basis, until the funding has been expended.

Further Information

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