Australian & New Zealand IODP Consortium (ANZIC): Special Funding for Australians – Analytical Work on Ocean Drilling Material

The broad aim of this initiative is to attract established scientists, or junior graduates taking the lead in working with established scientists, to research projects related to DSDP, ODP, or IODP, by
covering basic analytical costs in order to facilitate rapid high‐quality publication.

The proponents would need to go through the IODP system to obtain material, and that involves writing a scientific proposal to justify obtaining it.

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge funding from the Australian IODP Office and include “scientific ocean drilling” or an equivalent phrase in the title or abstract of their publications.

Funding & Duration

$150,000 is on offer under a two‐tiered approach.

Both $20,000 and $10,000 grants are available, with three to four $20,000 grants and eight to ten $10,000 grants on offer for scientists from Australian ANZIC member institutions. The samples can come from DSDP, ODP, or IODP expeditions. IODP expeditions generally have a 12 month moratorium on samples, but scientists who are official land‐based participants can apply within that period.

Only analytical costs will be covered by these grants.


Not specified by the Sponsor.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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