CSL Limited: Centenary Fellowships 2016

The CSL Centenary Fellowships are offered to mid-career (3-8 years post-doctoral) medical researchers.The fellowships are primarily awarded for discovery and translational research with a focus on rare and serious diseases, immunology, and inflammation.

Funding & Duration

Two individual, five-year, fellowships are awarded each calendar year. The total value of each award is $1.25M, which is paid in annual instalments of $250,000 to the fellow’s employing university or medical research institute.

The fellowship provides for a full-time salary (generally equivalent to a Senior Research Fellow C1 level) plus research costs and/or a post-doctoral research assistant.


The fellowships are targeted at outstanding Australian researchers, seeking to consolidate a research career in Australia and/or undertake research in an Australian academic institution. Candidates do not need to be currently living or working in Australia.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Apply individually
  • Have minimum tertiary qualifications of PhD level from an accredited Australian or international university
  • Have a minimum of three years post-doctoral work experience
    • Note that in exceptional cases e.g. strong clinical research background, completion of a PhD and at least one post doc (2-3 years), the Selection Committee may choose to consider an application that does not precisely meet this criterion
  • Have a maximum of eight years post-doctoral work experience
    • Note that the fellowships intentionally target mid-career researchers, 3-8 years post doc. However, the Selection Committee may choose to consider an application that is marginally outside this criterion.
  • Not have received a CSL Centenary Fellowship before
  • Be intending to work in Australia, at an Australian research institution
  • Not concurrently be in receipt of a separate full-time salary/fellowship

Researchers seeking to transition to their own independently funded research laboratory; and or individuals returning to the workforce after a period of parental leave are encouraged to apply.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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