Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council: Fellowships

EPSRC provides fellowships to support world-leading individuals who are delivering the highest quality research to meet UK and global priorities.

The fellowships will develop the next generation of researchers with the greatest potential across the postdoctoral, early and established career stages.

Funding & Duration

The duration and the proportion of time that can be supported on the fellowship are flexible. Applicants can apply for up to 5 years of support for Early Career and Established Career awards, or up to 3 years for Postdoctoral stage award. Shorter fellowships which allow fellows the freedom to initially explore new research avenues are welcomed.

Refer to the Funding Guide for Salary packages & other allowable costs.


Applicants are expected to hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience; however, there are no eligibility rules based on years of post-doctoral experience or whether you hold (or do not hold) a permanent academic position, as this doesn’t allow for variations of career paths across the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) disciplines.

There are no nationality restrictions imposed by EPSRC.


Fellowships can be held at any UK university or similar Higher Education Institution (HEI) that is eligible for Research Council funding. If you are applying from overseas, you must have agreement from a UK HEI to host the fellowship. Fellowships cannot be held at Research Council Institutes.

Submission Requirements

  • Applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed on a rolling basis.

Further Information

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