BrightFocus Foundation: Alzheimer’s Disease Research – Standard Awards 2016

This scheme offers support for alzheimer’s disease research in the form of a standard award, which provides significant funding for researchers who have already generated some amount of preliminary data, but often still require significant progress before they can apply to governmental or industrial funding agencies.

Funding & Duration

Awards are made up to US $300,000 (approx. AUD $400,000) payable over three years.


BrightFocus grants are awarded to universities, medical centers, and independent nonprofit research institutions. Grants are not made to individuals.

The Principal Investigator (PI) position on BrightFocus Standard Awards are open to tenure- and non-tenure track investigators of any career-stage who are appropriately trained to lead an independent research study, and are permitted by their organisations to manage grants and supervise any key personnel.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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