Voiceless Ltd: Grants Program 2016

The Voiceless Grants Program provides support to non-profit organisations, councils and universities for the design and implementation of projects which improve the lives of animals in Australia.

Areas of concern are as follows:

  • animals raised for food in intensive conditions;
  • animals considered “wastage” including bobby calves in the dairy industry and male chicks in the egg industry;
  • animals in captivity in zoos, marine parks and aquariums;
  • animals in entertainment in racing, rodeos and circuses;
  • animals raised for their fur, wool or leather;
  • animals used by the cosmetics industry;
  • animals impacted by pig dogging and by other “recreational” hunting activities;
  • companion animals raised intensively on puppy and kitten farms;
  • food labelling and certification;
  • kangaroos impacted by the commercial industry;
  • large-scale legally sanctioned killing of non-native wildlife including feral pigs, horses, camels, wild cats and rabbits;
  • legal advocacy, legal education or legislative change;
  • live animal exports and long distance animal transport; or
  • veganism and cruelty-free living.


The three projects which receive the most public votes will each receive an $8,000 grant from Voiceless. An additional legal advocacy grant will also be awarded to the winner of the Law & Policy shortlist, selected by a judging panel.


Voiceless welcomes applications from: non-profit organisations; universities and other tertiary institutions; local government; schools; and individuals.

Applications will not be considered if:

  • they relate to companion animal spay or neuter projects;
  • they relate to wildlife rescue and conservation projects;
  • they do not seek to improve the lives of animals in Australia; or
  • they seek funding for organisational set-up or infrastructural costs

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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