Nature Foundation SA: PhD/Masters Grand Start Scholarship Program 2017

Nature Foundation SA provides funding for Masters & PhD projects that contribute to the conservation of plants, species and habitat in the South Australian environment.

Each PhD/Masters Grand-Start Scholarship Grant recipient must reapply on an annual basis to receive new grants in subsequent years. Decisions as to whether to continue funding a scholarship will be based on the performance report for the previous year, submitted by the grantee, the comparative merit of other grant applicants, the consistency of the research in meeting NFSA’s conservation goals, and the availability of funds.

NFSA encourages research that informs the management of its properties: Witchelina Nature Reserve, Tiliqua, Para Woodlands, Cygnet Park Sanctuary and Hiltaba Nature Reserve.

Funding & Duration

Each grant is to a maximum of $3,000 per annum for a maximum of three years.


Applications from Masters/PhD students will be eligible if:

  • the aims of the proposals are to assist South Australian wildlife or the natural environment
  • the proposal is compatible with the aims & philosophy of NFSA

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Other Available Nature Foundation Grants

Further Information

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