Gateway for Cancer Research: Research Grants

Gateway focuses on translational science via effective clinical trials—when basic science translates into human testing and clinical practice. The Sponsor invests in clinical trials to enrol patients at all ages, with all cancer types, whose cancer is at any stage of progress—as long as they have the potential to help people live longer and feel better.

Funding & Duration

While Gateway does not cap any of its cancer research grant awards, typically, Gateway funds research studies with a budget estimate in the range of US $200,000-$800,000 (approx AUD $263,000-$1,049,000).

Grants are approved for up to two years of funding contingent upon investigators following Gateway’s reporting protocol.


The applicant seeking Gateway funding must be employed at a for-profit or non-profit organisation or institution within the United States, or any other foreign country where supervision of grant administration is possible.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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