Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF): Collaborative Research Projects (Round 10)

The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) helps Australian researchers from public and private sectors to participate with Indian scientists in leading-edge scientific research projects.

(Please note Targeted Workshops and Early and Mid-Career Researcher Fellowships will not be funded under Round 10.)

Projects are offered under two different streams:

  1. Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund
  2. Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund

Funding Priorities

Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund:

Advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies

  • Material sciences and nanotechnology, including smart materials, energy materials, composites, alloys and polymers
  • Smart cities and infrastructure technologies (including urban design, sensor technologies, real time data and spatial analysis, transport systems, cold chain logistics and storage, and waste management)

Survey, exploration and mining of natural resources (land and marine)

  • Mine safety, environmental impact mitigation and waste management
  • Mining technology development, survey and exploration techniques

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund:

Disease control – tropical, lifestyle and emerging diseases

  • Countering antimicrobial resistance
  • Drugs, vaccines, immunomodulators and immunotherapeutics

Medical technologies

  • Biomedical devices and implants
  • Diagnostics

Funding & Duration

Grants of AU$500,000 to $1 million (exclusive of GST) per project will be provided over a maximum of three years.


  • To determine your eligibility, view the AISRF guidelines (PDF).
  • Only one application per institution permitted. Please refer to Submission Requirements below for details.

Submission Requirements

Only two applications are permitted per institution (one for each stream).

As such, please email an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Research Branch by 12 September 2016

Your email should contain:

  • Name of Chief Investigator
  • Demonstrable links to Indian research partner/s
  • Summary of intended research project
  • A copy of Chief Investigator’s CV
  • Benefits the project will bring to the Chief Investigator/researchers involved.
  • Benefits the project will bring to the University.

EOI’s may be emailed to

Full-applications will be invited from a short list.

Further Information

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