Australian Egg Corporation Limited: R&D Funding – Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs) 2016

The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) invites individuals, companies or organisations to submit preliminary research proposals that address the Corporation’s key immediate and long term research priorities.

The Corporation is looking for proposals that address the key desired outcomes of:

  • improving the profitability of egg production systems
  • provision of innovative on-farm solutions and improvements in efficiency
  • ensuring the sustainability of egg production.

Funding & Duration

Research project proposals should be budgeted for the duration of the project and should include planned funding and financial support from all sources including AECL. The duration of a project may vary from a few months to five years. Longer term projects will be subject to review at least on a triennial basis.

AECL is prepared to support salaries, salary related on-costs, expenditure on capital and expendable items and travel costs associated with the proposed project.

Industry Collaboration

Industry involvement is expected in industry related R&D proposals. Industry funds may be contributed either by statutory levy or other voluntary contributions by primary producers, processors, and related commercial firms. Contributions of an in-kind nature will also be considered, if reasonably valued.


Any organisation, company or individual is eligible for support.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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