Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust: Melanoma Research Grants 2017

Applications for Lloyd Trust melanoma grants will be accepted for a broad range of melanoma research projects including those involving basic science, as well as clinical trials.

Special consideration will be given in three areas:

  1. emerging novel concepts that constitute significant innovation;
  2. new investigators in the field of melanoma; and
  3. prevention and early detection.


Individual grants do not exceed US $125,000 (approx AUD $164,000) per year.

Grants are awarded in one of three areas:

  • Career Development: May include salary support for promising young melanoma investigators
  • Basic Science: To gain new biological insights into melanoma development or progression
  • Translational Research: To fund clinically important melanoma research


Applications from non-profit organisations under the U. S. Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) are eligible for consideration. If a grant recipient is a foreign entity not under the U. S. Internal Revenue Code, an Affidavit related to non-profit status must be completed prior to payment of grant funds. The Affidavit is available on request.

Submission Requirements

Please note: only one application per institution in each of the three grant categories will be funded.

As such, please email an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Research Branch by 5 October 2016

Your email should contain:

  • Name of Chief Investigator
  • Summary of intended research project
  • A copy of Chief Investigator’s CV
  • Benefits the project will bring to the Chief Investigator/researchers involved.
  • Benefits the project will bring to the University.

EOI’s may be emailed to

Full-applications will be invited from a short list.

Further Information

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