Bausch & Lomb: Independent Research Grants

Independent Research Grants provide funding for research related to eye health, or a technological development that is designed to provide valuable scientific/clinical information relevant to disease states, drug or device efficacy, device design, improved clinical care, new clinical use or otherwise providing benefit to patients.


The Independent Research Grant must not be used to fund an applicant’s ordinary operating expenses unrelated to the funded research project. The amount of the Independent Research Grant requested must be reasonable in light of the activities to be performed.


Applicants must have complete control over all aspects of the proposed research. Applicants will perform the funded research in full compliance with all applicable laws and ethical standards. The applicant cannot request funds for or on behalf of a government official, politician, government organisation, or political party. The applicant must be a bona fide researcher, qualified to perform the proposed research in a timely, competent, and lawful manner.

Submission Requirements

Requests are accepted globally throughout the fiscal year.

  • Please submit a copy of your application for internal review.
  • Please allow six to 12 weeks for your proposal to be reviewed and a decision to be received.

Further Information

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