Japan Foundation: Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists 2017

This program is designed to support artists and Japanese culture specialists who participate in cultural events (e.g., performing arts, demonstrations, lectures and workshops) overseas with the aim of introducing Japanese arts and culture or of contributing to international society through arts and cultural projects.

Projects must be either:

  • Performing arts (e.g. drama, music, dance, folk arts, etc.), or
  • Lectures, workshops, and demonstrations related to Japanese culture, including sports.

Funding & Duration

Part of the following expenses will be covered:

  • International transportation costs: Part of the actual amount of the economy class discount airfare (or ship/train fare);
  • Freight costs: Part of the actual amount of the airfreight/sea freight.

Projects should commence on or after 1 April 2017.


Applicants must be either:

  • Groups or individuals in arts and cultural fields who are based in Japan and have received invitations to cultural events overseas, or
  • Organisations and agencies that arrange and produce the projects described above.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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