ARC Discovery & Linkage Programmes: Project End Dates and Eligibility


In the 2016 edition of the Discovery Programme and Linkage Programme Funding Rules the ARC have incorporated a definition of ‘Active Projects’:

a Project that is receiving funding according to the terms of the original Funding Agreement, or has any carryover funds approved by the ARC, or an approved variation to the Project’s end date.

In order to assist with the determination of which projects are considered to be ‘Active Projects,’ the ARC have made changes in the Research Management System (RMS) so that the ‘Current ARC Projects’ section of a participant’s RMS profile and the ‘Currently held ARC Projects’ proposal question displays the end date.

The Research Branch strongly encourages all potential participants for open and upcoming schemes to check the end dates for all projects listed in their RMS profiles.

If there are any concerns or you believe that any of the information is incorrect, please ensure that you contact the Research Branch ARC team promptly as this information will be used to determine the eligibility of participants.

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