Alzheimer’s Association: Mechanisms of cellular death in NeuroDegeneration (MCDN)

The “Mechanisms of cellular death in NeuroDegeneration” (MCDN) funding program’s overall goal is to discover and understand the mechanisms and pathophysiological processes by which brain cell loss is mediated in disease and thereby seek insights and potential targets for therapeutic interventions that would sustain healthy brain function.

Funding & Duration

The total sum available for this award program will be up to USD$1.25M (approx AUD $1.6M) available over three years.

MCDN is looking to fund either a consortium of investigative teams or individual team-based projects ranging between USD$100,000-$1.25M (Approx AUD $130,000 – $1.6M).


Applications are encouraged from academic research laboratories or consortia of academic laboratories around the world. In addition, small biotech/small-medium enterprise organizations are eligible provided they are in collaboration with academic laboratories with the academic laboratory as the lead applicant.

Researchers with full-time staff or faculty appointments are encouraged to apply; post-doctoral fellows are eligible as co-applicants with an investigator who has a full-time faculty appointment (i.e. Assistant Professor or above).

Submission Requirements

  • Letters of Intent (LOI) may be submitted directly to the Sponsor at any time
  • Please submit a copy of your LOI to the Research Branch
  • Email:

Further Information

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