Australian Academy of Science: Regional Collaborations Programme 2017

The programme will fund Australian participants from eligible research-organisations and businesses to collaborate with regional and international science, research and innovation partners on solutions to shared regional challenges within the Asia–Pacific regions.

There are no mandated priority areas for this scheme, however it is suggested that applicants consider the national Science and Research Priorities.


Although there is no set minimum or maximum total project cost requirement, projects must include matched funding of 1:1 (cash only). For example, if an applicant seeks $25,000 of programme funding, then the project proponents would need to contribute another $25,000 (cash), bringing the total value of the project to $50,000.


Applicants must be either an Australian research organisation or Australian business (see Glossary for definitions) willing to form collaborative multi-partner teams with participation from at least two other economies, with the intention of building strong international linkages within the Asia–Pacific region in science, research and innovation.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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