Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Translational Research Program 2017

Applications are sought proposing novel approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of hematological malignancies and related pre-malignant conditions.

Proposals should be based on molecular, cellular or integrated systems findings and be conceptually innovative.

 Funding & Duration

Awards are limited to a maximum of US $200,000 (approx. AUD $270,000) for 3 years.


Applicants must hold a M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree and work in domestic or foreign nonprofit organisations, such as universities, colleges, hospitals or laboratories. Applications may involve multiple such institutions, and the Applicant should have an independent research or academic position.

Applicants need not be U.S. citizens, and there are no restrictions on Applicant age, race, gender, or creed. Applications from nonacademic facilities and the National Institute of Health are not eligible.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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