Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research: Seeding Solutions Research Grants 2017

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) invites proposals for their Seeding Solutions program to address challenges in food and agriculture.

Proposals will be accepted in any of the following Challenge Areas:

  • Food Waste and Loss;
  • Protein Challenge;
  • Water Scarcity;
  • Innovation Pathway to Sustainability;
  • Healthy Soils, Thriving Farms;
  • Urban Food Systems; and,
  • Making My Plate Your Plate.

Funding & Duration

Proposal for up to US $1M (AUD $1.3M)  of FFAR funding will be considered. Applicants must secure 1:1 matching funding from a non-Federal source before a grant will be awarded.

Up to 50% of matching funds can be in-kind match, the remainder must be cash.


Proposals must demonstrate the potential for a transformative impact within the Challenge Area.

Applicants must demonstrate partnerships with different sectors (private, NGOs, governments, academia, and end users, etc.), such that research outcomes may be scalable and applicable to working food and agriculture systems.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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