AW Howard Memorial Trust: Grants-in-Aid 2017

The AW Howard Memorial Trust aims to promote and support pasture research. The trust may award annual grants-in-aid for projects that:

  • Commemorate important contributions to pastoral sciences or industry.
  • Distribute scientific innovations to develop pasture use within Australia’s regions.
  • Invite a prominent overseas pasture scientist to Australia to:
    • deliver a keynote address at a relevant conference
    • visit regional scientists and community groups involved in pastoral industries.
  • Need essential equipment for pastoral scientific research and development.

Funding & Duration

The trust will award one grant-in-aid annually. Grants-in-aid are limited to $5,000 each.


Applications are open to anyone in Australia who has been a continuous resident in Australia for the last three years.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

Need Help?

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