ResearchMaster Tip of the Week: Submitting a Research Funding Request (RFR) – Do I Need to Submit an NoI?

If you are applying for a grant in the next month, you are not required to complete a Notification of Intent (NOI) form to complete the internal grant application process. (see Exceptions below).

The Research Funding Request (RFR) form (that replaces the former application coversheet) is the form that is required to complete your grant application to the Research Branch. Please make sure you complete the form correctly to avoid delays in the application process.

This is particularly important for grant applications for NHMRC and ARC, but also applies to all other grants.


An NOI must still be submitted for:

  • ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities (LIEF, LE18) projects [with an attached LIEF Expression of Interest form in order to facilitate internal funding approvals] – due 13 February 2017, and
  • ARC Linkage Projects [no fixed deadline]

Contact a Research Branch Grants Officer

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