Australian Geographic Society: Project Sponsorship 2017 (Round 1)

There are four main categories for Australian Geographic sponsorships: Science, Community, Adventure, and Environment.

  • Science sponsorships are usually awarded to assist specific research projects, often across a number of years. Sponsorships are awarded across all disciplines.
  • Community sponsorships are awarded to individuals and groups to assist with conservation and cultural initiatives, often at a grassroots level.
  • Adventure sponsorships are awarded to individuals and teams undertaking adventures in Australia and abroad. Recipients come from a wide cross-section of Australian society and are not limited to younger people seeking world firsts.
  • Environment sponsorships are usually awarded to support community-based initiatives such as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, plant and animal education programs or bush conservation.

Projects covering more than one project category and/or opportunities for volunteer involvement are encouraged.

Funding & Duration

Project Sponsorships are awarded at up to $10,000.


Australian scientists, community organisations and individuals developing projects in Australia and abroad are welcome to apply for Society sponsorship.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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