Buckminster Fuller Institute: Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2017

Each year, The Buckminster Fuller Institute invites scientists, students, designers, architects, activists, entrepreneurs, artists and planners from all over the world to submit their innovative solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

Prize Funding

A US $100,000 prize (approx AUD $130,000) is awarded to support the development and implementation of one outstanding strategy.


People from all over the world working in many fields—including science, design, architecture, engineering, education, contemporary art, urban planning, healthcare, socially responsible business, communications, economics, finance, information technology, agriculture, and food systems—are all welcome to enter the Challenge. Nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid initiatives all are eligible.

Entries must meet the following criteria:

  • Visionary – put forth an original idea or synthesise existing ideas into a new strategy that creatively addresses a critical need
  • Comprehensive – apply a whole-systems approach to the design and implementation process and aim to address multiple goals, requirements and conditions in a holistic way
  • Anticipatory – factor in critical future trends and needs as well as the projected impacts of implementation in the short and long term
  • Ecologically Responsible – enhance the ability of natural systems to regenerate
  • Feasible – rely on current technology, existing resources and a solid team capable of implementing the project
  • Verifiable – able to demonstrate authentic claims backed by empirical data
  • Replicable – able to be adapted to similar conditions elsewhere.

Submission Requirements

Applications must be submitted directly to the Sponsor by 31 March 2017

Further Information

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