Commonwealth Fund: International Program in Health Care Policy and Practice

The Commonwealth Fund supports independent research on health and social issues and makes grants to improve health care practice and policy.

International projects are funded through the Fund’s International Program in Health Care Policy and Practice area. The program is dedicated to building an international network of policy-oriented health care researchers, sparking innovative health policy thinking and high-level exchanges, and encouraging comparative research and collaboration.

Funding & Duration

Grant periods range from one month to a few years, depending on the scope of the project.

During fiscal year 2011–12, the median award amount for board-level grants, which are awards in amounts greater than US $50,000, was US $215,944 (approx. AUD $287,000). For small grants, in amounts less than or equal to US $50,000, the median award was US $33,506 (approx. AUD $44,500)


The Fund awards grants to tax-exempt organisations and institutions and public agencies. If an organisation does not have 501(c)3 status or other tax-exempt recognition, the Fund will determine whether a grant is possible based on a review of the project and the organisation’s expertise in conducting the research.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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