International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics: Australia Research Grant 2017

For this round of funding, the Sponsor is seeking sizeable proposals examining the benefits arising from the provision of prostheses and orthoses to individuals with neuromuscular or musculoskeletal pathologies treated in Australia.

Examples of such projects include studies that:

  • examine the efficacy or effectiveness of prosthetic or orthotic intervention;
  • describe the influence of prostheses and/or orthoses on function and/or outcomes;
  • provide a deeper appreciation of the needs of individuals with specific pathologies; and
  • lead to an innovative device or build our understanding of disease to aid prevention or management.

Funding & Duration

For this round on funding, the Sponsor is seeking proposals for grants in amounts up to $20,000 to fund a one-time single proposal. The funding is provided for one year, to be completed in a two-year time frame. Individuals may put forward a case to extend the duration of the project to a maximum of three years.


The research grant is open to a broad range of applicants regardless of their discipline including, but not limited to, academic, clinicians, engineers and technicians. Investigators are encouraged to assemble a research team with complementary expertise and various levels of research experience. However, investigators will have to demonstrate that the project will be conducted under the mentorship of a senior or experienced investigator.

The team of national and international investigators should include:

  • no more than 5 investigators;
  • no more than 2 investigators based overseas;
  • at least 1 investigator with a PhD;
  • at least 1 investigator with 5 years of research experience; and
  • at least 1 investigator affiliated with an Australian research institution.

For this round of funding, ANMS ISPO will give preference to a team of investigators lead by the first investigator who is an early career research with a PhD graduation no more than 6 years ago, with academic employment history (e.g., Postdoctoral positions, research fellowships) and currently employed by an Australian research institution (e.g., university) or clinical site (e.g., hospital, rehabilitation centre).

It should be noted that applicants do not have to be an ANMS ISPO member to be eligible. However, all successful investigators will be required to become a member upon acceptance of the grant.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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