Bayer HealthCare: Grants4Targets Initiative – Crop Science 2018 (Round 2)

The aim of this initiative is to translate innovation coming from research into modern crop protection products suitable for the future challenges of the global agricultural community.

Bayer is looking for novel targets for innovative crop protection solutions within the fields of weed, pest and disease control:

  • Pest Control: Solutions for insect, mites and nematode control;
  • Disease Control: Solutions for fungal & oomycetes control;
  • Weed Control: Novel herbicidal solutions.


The size of the individual grant will depend on the molecular target, the scientific data provided and the maturity of the proposal.

Support grants (for novel targets that are at a very early stage of discovery), will range from €2,000 – €10,000 (approx AUD $2,800 – $14,000).

Focus grants (for more advanced proposals to support promising research towards a fully validated crop protection target), will range from € 10,000 – €50,000 (approx AUD $14,000 – $70,000).


Eligible applicants are researchers from universities, other academic research institutes and start-up companies from all over the world.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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