New University guidelines to support the promotion of research outcomes

The Acting DVC(R) has approved two new sets of University research guidelines, developed to inform and support researchers in the promotion of their research outcomes:

Promotion of Applied Research Outcomes – University of Adelaide Guidelines

There is considerable value in academic staff making contributions to public debates, endorsing research outcomes and, where appropriate, commercialising research.  However, responsible research conduct requires an appreciation by our staff of the need to take care in their public statements, especially where consumers or investors may rely and act on their comments.  As well as being good practice, such an understanding helps our researchers to avoid opening themselves and the University to certain liabilities.

Author Publication Affiliation and Acknowledgements Guidelines

University of Adelaide researchers are expected to disseminate their research and publish in the best possible outlets. In doing so, they need to ensure their affiliation is correctly listed and that appropriate acknowledgement is given for any support provided in undertaking that research. This is important for numerous reasons: to support research impact in terms of quality and/or translation; encourage continuing research funding by relevant bodies; allow more efficient harvesting of relevant research publications into University systems; and is also good research practice, and a requirement of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the major funding bodies.

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