Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO): Neutron Scattering and Deuteration Proposals at the OPAL Reactor

ANSTO is calling for proposals for the following neutron-beam instruments and facilities:

Submission Requirements & Due Date

  • A copy of your proposal must be submitted for internal review by 8 September 2017
  • Please email if you are considering applying for this scheme

Reviewed proposals must be submitted using ANTSO’s on-line system

  • For single visit proposals for neutron and X-ray instruments, select round “2018-1 Neutron”
  • For 3-year program proposals for neutron instruments, select “2018-1 Neutron Program”
  • For National Deuteration Facility proposals, select round “2018-1 Deuteration”

Important notes: 

  • Applicants should note that the proposal system will not allow a proposal to be submitted if you have outstanding experimental reports.
  • Applicants should ensure that any publications resulting from beamtime at ANSTO are entered into the proposal system and linked to the related proposal(s). The peer review panels will take these into consideration when reviewing the proposals.
  • Applicants should ideally discuss their proposal with the appropriate Instrument Scientist before submitting

Further Information

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