JDRF: Prevention of Type-1 Diabetes Innovative Grants 2017

JDRF provides seed funding for highly innovative research with significant potential to accelerate the mission of JDRF.

Proposals should address key outstanding questions and have the potential to lead to a change in the current paradigm or conventional wisdom and/or lead to a groundbreaking discovery.

The therapeutic goal of this scheme is the prevention or delay of onset of beta cell-specific autoimmunity (Stage 1) or clinical T1D (Stage 3) in individuals at-risk of developing T1D.

Funding & Duration

Innovative grants provide one year of support for a maximum of USD $100,000 (approx AUD $126,000) in direct costs and indirect costs of 10%.


There are no citizenship requirements for this program.

Proposals may be submitted by domestic and foreign non-profit organisations, public and private, such as universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of state and local governments, and eligible agencies of the federal government.

Innovative (but not pilot and research tool) proposals from for-profit organisations will also be considered.

Applicants must hold an M.D., D.M.D., D.V.M., PhD., or equivalent and have a faculty position or equivalent at a college, university, medical school, or other research facility.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

  • Applications must be submitted for internal review by 24 October 2017
  • Please email if you are considering applying for this scheme.

Further Information

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