Muscular Dystrophy Association: Research Infrastructure Grants

Infrastructure Grants are designed to support the development of tools, techniques and services of need to the neuromuscular research community.

Funding & Duration

Authorized expenses include:

  1. Principal investigator’s salaries are permitted to an equivalent ratio of effort up to a maximum of 25% but not to exceed a total of $15,000 plus a proportionate ratio of fringe benefits per year. Requested salaries are not to be used to replace salaries or partial salaries that are already assured by institutional or other funds. The co-investigator(s) must be listed as well as their % effort devoted to the project.  However, salary support should be listed as $0;
  2. Other scientists, Technicians’, research assistants’, post-doctoral fellows’, and graduate student salaries and fringe benefits at levels appropriate to the institution;
  3. Equipment and supply expenses necessary to fulfill the project’s specific aims. Unless otherwise stipulated at  the  time  of  the  award,  equipment  purchased  solely  with  MDA  funds  belongs  to  and  is  considered  the property of the Academic Principal Investigator or company to whom the grant was awarded. Office supplies (i.e. pencils, notebooks, etc.) are limited to a maximum of $600 per year. Computer hardware (i.e., PC’s, printers, monitors, etc.) limited to a maximum of $5,000 per grant. Support for computer equipment will be limited to one (1) laptop  computer per grant. Any request for computers must be fully justified on the Budget Justification page of the application.
  4. Travel expenses must  be  directly  related  to  the  implementation  of  the  research  and/or  expressly  and  solely  for  the purpose of reporting the results of MDA-supported research at suitable scientific or medical meetings and are limited to $1,000 maximum per year;
  5. Costs associated with advertisement of infrastructure availability (Web site, brochure);
  6. Costs associated with making the proposed tool, technique or service available to others for research (e.g. production, database maintenance, animal maintenance, shipping, record-keeping);
  7. Indirect costs not to exceed 10% of direct costs or the percentage rate on the approved budget.


To be eligible for an Infrastructure Grant, applicants must:

  • Hold a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) or equivalent degree (i.e. D.O.)
  • Be a professional or faculty member (professor, associate professor or assistant professor) at an appropriate educational, medical, corporate or research institution
  • Be qualified to conduct research within his or her own laboratory
  • Assume both administrative and financial responsibility for the grant
  • Have access to institutional resources necessary to conduct the proposed project

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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