Department of Industry, Innovation & Science: Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)

The Australian Government has established a $500 million Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF) with $250 million of Commonwealth funding at least matched by private sector investors.

The BTF is an equity co-investment venture capital programme announced in the National Innovation and Science Agenda that:

  • supports commercialisation of biomedical discoveries in Australia; and
  • helps translate biomedical discoveries into high growth potential companies to deliver long term health benefits and national economic outcomes.

Funding is available through three private sector venture capital fund managers which will invest in companies with promising biomedical innovations with commercial potential.


At the time of the first investment, an eligible company must have:

  • a majority of its employees and assets inside Australia, or will use the whole of the initial investment within Australia, and
  • an average annual revenue over the previous two years below $25 million per year.

Submission Requirements

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