ResearchMaster Updates

We have now been using ResearchMaster eForms for over a year Рsupporting the activities associated with research ethics approvals and activities associated with research grants. Previously, we provided information about the results of the Research eForms survey, what it meant and how we were planning on addressing issues for improvement. We are pleased to provide you with an update of progress.

New view for managing ethics application forms and the ability to search for applications

There is a new view of the list of ethics application forms – when you click on the ‘Ethics Applications, Amendments and Notifications’ online forms link you will now see a series of tabs. To search for an ethics application form select the ‘All Applications’ tab and use the search function. Additional fields have also been made available in the list of applications that you can see in the grid view (and search for in ‘All Applications’) – including the Approval Number and project Start and End Dates. A Quick Reference Guide ‘Searching for Ethics Applications in ResearchMaster‘ is available, which outlines how to create, save and re-use searches.

Human Research Ethics Notifications eForm

Effective, Tuesday 3 October, a new Notification eForm and workflow will be available for researchers to use. In one new streamlined form, the process and information required for staff and student to notify the University of human research ethics approvals received from other institutional Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) will be coupled with the process for obtaining indemnity insurance certificates from Legal and Risk. Learn more.

Time Saving Functionality of Research Project Management eForms

  1. Cloning – effective from 5 October
    • Use your previously created eForms (NOI, RFR and RFA) as the basis of a new eForm (with pre-populated data).
  2. Improved search functionality
    • SEO/FOR code predictive searching
  3. Improved access for Faculty Admin Users – effective from 5 October
    • Ability to download and review attachments

Better User Support for Researchers

  1. Dedicated Research Technology Support phone number – look out for the announcement coming soon.
  2. Self-help resources available on the ResearchMaster Home page for Research Project Management, Animal and Human Research Ethics. Link directly to Quick Reference Guides and training videos straight from the ResearchMaster Home page.

Better eForms

There is a major upgrade by the vendor to the system scheduled for the first quarter of 2018 which will include a new ResearchMaster user interface with significant improvements to look, feel and usability. The vendor continues to work on improvements to system performance. This is great news, and will present an opportunity for us to refine and simplify our existing eForms.

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