Copland Foundation: Acquisition, Conservation, and Research/Interpretation Grants 2017

The Copland Foundation Grants fund projects throughout Australia that fall under the umbrella of Alex Copland’s interests, namely the study, management, conservation, acquisition, and interpretation of collections:

  1. The study, management, conservation, acquisition, and interpretation of relevant historic architecture
  2. The provision of education programs, whether for staff of such museums, institutions, societies, organisations or for the general public
  3. The purchase of art works and/or other artifacts, to be identified on public display by the purchaser as a gift from the Copland Foundation

The Copland Foundation grants are divided into three categories:

1. Acquisitions

To assist galleries, museums and historic houses in the acquisition of objects that may come up at auction, the Trustees will consider such applications at any time of the year. All applications must be set out on the appropriate form which requires a description of the object, provenance, a full condition report, as well amount applied for and the benefits of its acquisition to the applying institution. Should an application be successful funds will only be released for the purchase of the object outlined in the application. Whilst on public display, such objects must be identified by the purchaser as a gift from the Copland Foundation.

2. Conservation and 3. Interpretation

Grants will be awarded for the conservation, research and/or interpretation of historic houses or gardens, or collections and individual pieces already held by an institution.

Funding & Duration

The maximum grant available will not normally exceed $50,000.


To be eligible for assistance a museum/institution must:

  • be recognised as a recipient institution under the Commonwealth Government’s Cultural Gifts Program or as an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)
  • be open to the public
  • be seeking assistance to acquire, conserve or interpret an object or collection of objects; or conserve or restore features of an historic building used for cultural purposes, its gardens and/or surrounds.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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