Academic Consortium for the 21st Century (AC21): Special Project Fund

The Academic Consortium for the 21st Century (AC21) Special Project Fund (SPF) was created in order to promote the development of research and educational exchange between AC21 members by providing “seed funding” for a variety of collaborative research projects and activities.

Although research collaboration between AC21 members is important, this fund is not intended to support particular or individual research projects. It is awarded to projects that include as many participants as possible. For example, a symposium jointly held by three or more institutions, featuring speakers from these institutions, and open to all AC21 members, as well as to the general public, will serve our goal of internationalization and cooperation between members more effectively compared to simple research projects conducted by one or two individuals per institution.

Funding & Duration

Up to US $10,000 (approx. AUD $13,000) awarded in April, as a single payment.


  • Applicants must be academic staff members of an eligible AC21 member institution (includes the University of Adelaide) who hold faculty positions.
  • Projects should include at least three AC21 member universities, from at least two different countries.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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