Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC): Supporting the sustainable use of insecticides & local on-farm implementation of integrated pest management strategies in the GRDC Southern region

The cost of insect damage to crops and implementation of management strategies targeted at control have potential to cause major impacts on the profits of grain growers in the GRDC Southern Region. The species of insect pests present, incidence and frequency of occurrence and severity and economic impact of damage incurred are variable depending upon seasonal conditions, and continue to evolve in response to environment, new farming systems and practices. The historic reliance upon insecticides for control has contributed to the development of insecticide resistance in several important pests including green peach aphid, diamondback moth, and red-legged earth mite. An increase in the number of cases and extent of insecticide resistance in the future poses a threat to the future ability of growers to cost-effectively manage these important pests.

The GRDC seeks to develop, promote and deliver a number of high impact communication products and extension activities to raise awareness and build knowledge relating to the risk, occurrence, impact and management of insecticide resistance. This investment should support practice change required to increase the incidence and extent of adoption of sustainable and cost-effective integrated pest management strategies tailored to local farming systems and environment for key insect pests of grain crops in the GRDC Southern Region.

Funding & Duration

A budget of up to $400,000 is indicated for this investment dependent upon the quality of the application, expected outcomes and the ability to leverage GRDC funds through additional in-kind and cash co-contribution.

This proposed investment would be undertaken over a two-year period from 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2020.


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