National Health & Medical Research Centre (NHMRC): Project Grants – Open for Applications

NHMRC Project Grant applications must outline a research proposal that describes the investigation of a new research idea/s. The proposal must support a particular set of aims and the budget must be directed to those aims. All Project Grant applications must be between one and five years. Single investigators or teams of up to ten Chief Investigators (CIs) are supported as well as New Investigators (NI) or early career investigators. Research teams are encouraged to include early career researchers as part of the CI team.

The CIA must confirm in writing with all other CIs and AIs that they agree to be named on the application and endorse the application. The CIA must provide written evidence (e.g. an email) of this to the RAO, with each CI or AI naming the specific role, e.g. ‘I Suzy Scientist, agree to be CIG on APPxxxxxx’.

Apply for Funding

Minimum Data Requirements

Minimum data must be entered in RGMS by 14 February 2018, 5.00 pm (AEDT) to allow NHMRC to commence sourcing suitable assessors. Applications that fail to satisfy this requirement will not be accepted. Applicants are also reminded to complete the recommended fields as outlined below with correct information. Using placeholder text such as “text”, “synopsis”, or “xx” etc. is not acceptable as minimum data. Minimum data for the Project Grants scheme consists of the following:

  • General: Administering Institution, Application Title, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research (yes/no) and Synopsis
  • A-RC: Research Classification (all sections)
  • B-GRPM: Grant Review Panel Nomination, all sections including Clinical Trial and Cohort Study.

Application Limits

To begin the adjustment to increased capping under the new grant program, interim capping arrangements will be introduced in the 2018 Project Grant funding round.

Applicants may submit up to two Project Grant applications in the 2018 Project Grant funding round. Applicants must continue to comply with the NHMRC policy on the numbers of concurrently held grants (maximum of six). For example, if an applicant will hold five active Project Grants in 2019, only one Project Grant application may be submitted in 2018. If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact the Research Services Health Grants team for clarification.

Submissions Requirements & Deadlines

  • 24 January 2018: Submission of New Investigator online form
  • 14 February 2018: Minimum data due in RGMS
  • 21 February 2018: Applications submitted for internal review
  • 14 March 2018: Final applications due in RGMS
  • Please complete your RFR through ResearchMaster. When prompted to Select Fund Scheme use Fund Scheme code 51301001
  • Submit an Application to Research Services for Review

Further Information

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