Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA): Pipeline Accelerator Scheme

The Australian Therapeutic Pipeline is an initiative of TIA to bring together a diverse range of Australian translational medical research capabilities. The Pipeline is a grouping of over 20 translational research capability providers from the public sector.

An objective of the Pipeline initiative is to create the framework for a facilitated pathway for researchers and industry (including SMEs) to access Pipeline members’ translational research capabilities. This can leverage public sector investment in such capabilities and reduce duplication. To support this aim, TIA has developed a voucher-style researcher access scheme – the Pipeline Accelerator.

This scheme provides access to support funding to SMEs and research groups for meritorious projects, identified through an open call, with the intention of supporting that project’s access to at least one Pipeline-member facility.


Funding, via a fixed-value reimbursement of either $20,000 +GST or $50,000 +GST is provided to the service provider in stages at project commencement and completion. The Accelerator also provides a mechanism to support and track projects as they progress through development, which is critical when demonstrating outcomes and impact from this investment.

Closing Date

  • 23 February 2018

Further Information

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