Australian Academy of Science: Honorific Awards 2019

Central to the purpose of the Academy is the recognition and support of outstanding contributions to the advancement of science. The honorific awards were established to recognise distinguished research in three categories: awards of medals and prizes are made to early-career scientists up to 10 years post PhD, mid-career scientists 8 to 15 years post PhD, and the prestigious career awards which are made to scientists for life-long achievement.

Most honorific awards are open to any scientist normally resident in Australia. Nominations may be made by anyone in the scientific community, with the exception of the Matthew Flinders Medals and Lectures for which nominations may only be made by Academy Fellows.

Award Categories

Early-career awards: recognising outstanding contributions to the advancement of science by scientists up to 10 years post-PhD in the calendar year of nomination

  • Anton Hales Medal – recognising distinguished research in the Earth sciences
  • Dorothy Hill Award – recognising research in the Earth sciences by female researchers
  • Fenner Medal – recognising distinguished research in biology (excluding the biomedical sciences)
  • Gottschalk Medal – recognising outstanding research in the medical sciences
  • John Booker Medal – recognising outstanding research in engineering mechanics and related fields within engineering and applied mathematics disciplines
  • Le Fèvre Memorial Prize – recognising outstanding basic research in chemistry
  • Moran Medal – recognising outstanding research in one or more of the fields of applied probability, biometrics, mathematical genetics, psychometrics and statistics
  • Pawsey Medal – recognising outstanding research in physics
  • Ruth Stephens Gani Medal – recognising distinguished research in human genetics, including clinical, molecular, population and epidemiological genetics and cytogenetics
  • Christopher Heyde Medal – recognising distinguished research in pure mathematics; applied, computational and financial mathematics; and probability theory, statistical methodology and their applications

Mid-career awards: recognising outstanding contributions to the advancement of science by scientists 8-15 years post-PhD in the calendar year of nomination

Career awards: recognising life-long achievement in the outstanding contribution to the advancement of science

  • David Craig Medal and Lecture – recognising contributions of a high order to any branch of chemistry
  • Hannan Medal – recognising research in any of the fields of statistical science, pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computational mathematics
  • Jaeger Medal – recognising investigations of a high order into the solid Earth or its oceans
  • Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture – recognising scientific research of the highest standing in the physical sciences. Nominations are invited from Academy Fellows only
  • Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal – recognising outstanding achievement for research in mathematics or physics


The nomination deadline for honorific awards is 1 May 2018

If you are interested in being nominated or nominating any of your colleagues, staff or students, please contact Dale Godfrey for support.

Prior to submission please ensure that your University of Adelaide Researcher Profile page is up to date.

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