Nature Conservation Society of South Australia (NCSSA): Conservation Biology Grant 2018

The NCSSA Conservation Biology Grant aims to assist honours and post-graduate level student research into aspects of conservation biology.

Research priorities are:

  1. ecology and/or conservation biology of:
    • declining or threatened species or communities
    • less studied organisms (e.g. fungi, invertebrates)
    • other native species not currently recognised as threatened nor belonging to a group of less studied organisms (e.g. common species)
    • abundant native species
    • invasive species
  2. ecosystem function and interactions between species
  3. positive and/or negative impacts of environmental and/or anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. fire regimes, water flows, invasion of exotic species, ecotourism, abundant native species, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, habitat restoration and species utilisation)
  4. management of threatening processes
  5. other gaps in current knowledge


Up to $2,000 per successful applicant.


Students are encouraged to apply for supervised project funding at the Honours Degree, Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree and PhD levels.

Support from a research institution is required.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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