Huntington’s Disease Society of America Inc. (HDSA): HD Human Biology Project – HDSA Research Fellowship

The HD Human Biology Project provides support for investigator-initiated research directed to better understand the biology of Huntington’s disease (HD) as it occurs in humans. The research projects and observations resulting from them should have the potential to directly impact the lives of patients or help guide future drug development for HD.

The HDSA is interested in sponsoring innovative lines of inquiry of human HD patient data that will shed light on the most proximal biological events caused by the mutant huntingtin gene. All research proposals must incorporate a patient-centric focus to understanding HD. Some examples of the types of projects the HDSA Scientific Advisory Board would like to see addressed by the international research community are:

  1. Translation of HD animal model observations to patients;
  2. Biomarker discovery/development;
  3. Clinical scales/assessment development;
  4. Unbiased Systems Biology studies using data generated from human HD biological samples to uncover proximal biological pathways affected in human HD;
  5. Human-focused drug target identification and validation;
  6. Research using innovative technologies to improve care and quality of life for HD patients and caregivers.

Funding & Duration

The HDSA Grant provides funds up to US $75,000 (approx. AUD $97,000) a year, for up to two years.


Non-domestic (non-US) Entities (Foreign Institutions) are eligible to apply.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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