The Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) – Saving our Species: Request for Quotation – Addressing Priority Knowledge Gaps for Data-Deficient Species

The Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) is seeking a contractor to undertake surveys and/or research which will address knowledge gaps currently affecting the management of particular threatened species. 

Under the Saving our Species (SoS) program, each species listed in the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 is allocated one of six management streams. The data-deficient management stream includes species where there is insufficient distribution, ecology, threat or management data available. This objective of this Request for Quotation is the collection, collation and reporting of the data required to address these knowledge gaps and prevent extinction of these particular species in NSW in the long-term.

Tender No. & Further Information

Closing Date & Time

  • 26 March 2018, 10.00 am (AEST)

Need Help?

  • Please contact Sanjee Peiris (Business Partnership Specialist) for assistance with a submission.
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