Australian-American Fulbright Commission: Fulbright Future Scholarships 2018

The Fulbright Future Scholarships program seeks to improve the health, well-being, and prosperity of Australians by funding innovative, impact-focused projects.

Fulbright Future Scholarships are open to postgraduate students, PhD researchers, academics and professionals. Awardees will receive funding for full tuition/visiting researcher expenses at a U.S. institution of their choice, as well as travel and living costs.

Funding & Duration

Entitlements include:

  • a generous living allowance
  • travel allowance for international flights to/from the United States
  • full tuition or Visiting Researcher Scholar fees
  • placement services support for postgraduate students seeking to complete a full U.S. master’s degree
  • medical insurance of up to AUD $100,000 (for the scholar only)
  • National Australian Orientation Program, Showcase & Gala Presentation Dinner
  • enrichment activities in the United States with other international Fulbright scholars
  • access to a professional network of distinguished Australian and American Fulbright Alumni
  • ongoing assistance from the Commission with visas, enrichment opportunities and pastoral care
  • media and publicity support


Fulbright Future Scholarships are open to applications for Australian candidates who satisfy the following criteria.


  • can apply as Postgraduate students or PhD researchers, as postdoctoral candidates, academics or professionals
  • must have an undergraduate qualification
  • must propose research that is innovative and/or has the potential for significant impact
  • must aim to create, contribute to, or otherwise enhance Australian-American bilateral research collaborations
  • must include a statement (maximum of one page) that outlines the impact of their proposed program
  • all applicants are required to include a letter of invitation from their proposed institution with their application (except Postgraduate students seeking to complete a U.S. master’s program)

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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