Australian Renewable Energy Agency: Expressions of Interest – Studies contributing to improved integration of distributed energy resources

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, under the advancing renewables programme, invites expressions of interest for its call on studies contributing to improved integration of distributed energy resources (DER).

This enables startups, networks, retailers, government and system operators to develop solutions to address the technical, regulatory and commercial challenges of managing a grid with a high penetration of DER. The aim is to support desktop studies and analysis, feasibility studies or modelling that cover one or more of the following activities:

  • identifying technical capabilities that would allow distribution networks to host higher levels of DER;
  • identifying locational and temporal incentives that can support higher levels of DER;
  • comparing control strategies for DER in terms of their benefit for consumers;
  • identifying factors that influence the ability to coordinate aggregations of DER;
  • identifying methods to most efficiently increase visibility, predictability or control of DER for the Australian Energy Market Operator or other relevant entities.


For requests up to AUD $500,000 only a full application is required.

An expression of interest and a full application are required if requests are over AUD $500,000.

Applicants are expected to contribute at least 50 per cent cash, in-kind, or both.


Applicants must hold an Australian business number and, unless applying for funding for desktop studies and analysis, they must be:

  • an Australian entity incorporated under the corporations act 2001; or
  • a Commonwealth entity; or an Australian state or territory owned corporation; or an Australian local government or council.

The activity must take place in Australia.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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