Clive & Vera Ramaciotti Foundations: Ramaciotti Health Investment Grants 2018

These Grants are awarded to individuals in universities, public hospitals or institutes for a contribution towards the undertaking of health or medical research with a potential path to clinical application within five years.

A Health Investment Grant is intended to provide enabling research support for an autonomous early career investigator who is taking or has recently taken a substantive position.

Funding & Duration

A Health Investment Grant can be used for any combination of personnel (excluding Chief Investigator salary), equipment (excluding infrastructure), project related travel, consumables or other expenses.

The maximum total amount is $150,000. The grant must be fully expended within three years of the receipt of the grant.


The applicant must not have more than ten years post-doctoral experience (PhD or equivalent postgraduate research qualification) as at 1 January 2018. Any career disruptions, as defined by the NHMRC, must be fully documented.

The applicant must be the Chief Investigator of the proposed project and be in, or starting, a full-time position with an appointment of at least three years terminating no earlier than 31 December 2021.

Details of the appointment must be certified by the head of the department.

Please note: there is a maximum of 3 applications permitted per institution. Please see submission requirements below.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

The University is eligible to put forward a maximum of 3 applications. As such, all UA applications will be subject to an internal selection process prior to submission.

To apply, please send an email to by 17 May 2018 with the following details:

  • A half page synopsis of your potential application
  • Information on where you intend to source matched funding, and the status of that funding (i.e. requested, approved, etc.)

Please note: submissions received after COB 17 May will not be eligible to apply.

You will be advised of the outcome of your preliminary application by 22 May 2018.

Further Information

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